About me

Picture of the Industrious HomemakerWho is The Industrious Homemaker? Let me tell you a few things About Me.

Contributing Author of the book, Help! Around the House by Don Aslett.

I taught Biblical Homemaking at a Christian school.

I homeschooled my daughter from third grade through high school.

I took the first level certification for a Master Herbalist

I am a certified health coach, even though my state doesn’t recognize the certification. I did that for the knowledge.

I am an experienced speaker on homemaking, health and nutrition.

I went to culinary school to learn the science behind cooking and baking to help all of you more.

I developed a line of healthful organic products – all using coconut oil – that were sold in about 35 stores in the midwest.

I have been a bookkeeper, accountant, tax consultant (eons ago, when taxes were simpler), and Director of Finance for a non-profit school

I had my own private accounting firm helping small businesses run their business mostly with Quickbooks.

I was a technical writer, creating manuals for every company I worked for, in addition to creating manuals for all my accounting clients.

At a time when personal computers were first making their way to the market, I was the lead on developing a plan to computerize the entire company where I worked. Everything from the plan overview, finding vendors, talking with software developers to see what was possible, designing computer screens, developing the coding system to decipher types of product, location, etc. I designed the overview of how all the departments would “talk to each other” from the moment an order was received to the moment it was paid for by the customer. That was a monumental task that meant interviewing every department and learning about all their jobs, asking what would make things easier for them, what caused delays and problems with the current manual system, etc. I even wrote the presentation packet for the board of directors.

I would draw pictures for my husband to create pixelated images – before “graphics” had really been introduced. It was all done by hand in those days. They were developing the software as they went along in the project they were working on for AT&T.

I was a liaison between the accounting department and the IT department for two companies. One of them was designing new state-of-the-art software for on-site fueling operations (the other I mentioned above). I was also on the software development advisory committee.

I was a church secretary at two different churches.

I was a cell leader, teaching Bible studies weekly.

I taught a young girls music class.

I played piano in a couple churches. I wasn’t a great piano player, but good enough. I also was a soloist and in choirs for many years.