Welcome to The Industrious Homemaker

Welcome to the Industrious Homemaker™. It is my purpose and desire to help women become effective, efficient, environmentally safe, and empowered homemakers without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. I don’t claim to have all the answers and I am not a perfect homemaker, but as an older woman with various gifts and talents, I feel I can offer wisdom from my experience and education and/or point you to others who will be able to help you on this incredible journey as a homemaker, wife, and mother. I passionately feel that there is no more important job on this earth than raising the next generation to be adults of character, integrity, honesty and productivity; families that love and cherish their families and are committed to keeping those families together. So poke around the site; study,  absorb and learn those things that enhance your journey.  

As a side note: since this site is designed to lift up, encourage, and empower women without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. comments that discourage, tear down, or harm others in any way will be deleted.  While iron sharpens iron, please do so in love and encouragement. 



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