Teaching Kids to Cook


I coach women on various homemaking skills through speaking engagements and social media

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  1. Gilber says:

    Nice article! If you remember growing up Linda, our dad was never shy about putting a frying pan on the stove and cooking a meal. True, he didn’t do the majority of cooking, but what it did for me (and hopefully our two brothers – all males) is show me that it’s okay for a guy to cook. To this day I do a fair amount of cooking so that Kathy does not think this is all on her. Plus, I get to cook things with my flair of adding whatever to the dish.

    I certainly hope that through the years, as my kids were growing up and seeing their dad cooking, that they too like to do that. Jeni, for sure, is a very good cook and I hope I had a little to do with that.

    More things that relate to everyday life should be passed onto kids and it should not all be on teachers. Parents are role models and what happens at home can stay with the kids for the remainder of their lives.

    Good article!

    • Linda says:

      I do remember! I always say that Mom taught me to read a recipe, but Daddy taught me to create. I have vivid memories of him leaning over the stove looking at the spice rack deciding what to put in whatever he was creating. He didn’t follow recipes, he created.

      To this day, I can still imagine how things will taste just by thinking it through. In Culinary school, I often had my lab partner (mostly, but any students who wanted to learn) stop and really taste something. “Close your eyes, how does it taste? What does this make you think of? What can you imagine this going with?” It’s a developed skill and, for me, it started with Daddy leaning over the stove and saying, “what am I going to create today.”

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